Audenshaw School on the Trading Floor


On 27th March I brought a group of students to take part in the Year 10 Stock Market Challenge and Year 12 Investment Challenge competitions at Manchester Business School.

The Year 10s competed against 30 other schools in a mock trading floor simulation whereby they had to buy and sell shares as well as exchange euros based on an ever-changing rate. To do this they needed to pay close attention to shifts in the markets. Their tenacity and observation was excellent in this respect.

Lewis Green, Sam Katihrob, Cameron Hough, Jake Revesz and Mitchell Davies all played a blinder and their enthusiasm and work ethic was truly admirable.

Mitchell Davies (the team’s investment analyst) received a commendation and a special round of applause for the best ethical report. In this report he had to portray the effects of investing in socially responsible companies. He recognised that many stakeholders of a company are affected by this and therefore saw the benefit in investing. He was able to use his analytical and evaluative skills, which are so fundamental to the subject of Business Studies in school, and his writing style captured the eyes of the judges.

The Year 10 competition was held in the Great Hall at the University of Manchester’s Sackville Building. The room is a truly opulent venue featuring 19th century and early 20th century designs. The event gave the boys a wonderful opportunity to see what the University of Manchester has to offer. The facilities are excellent and are why many of our students at Audenshaw School choose to study at this fine university every year.

Bryna Barr, Business & ICT Teacher, Audenshaw School