Developing key competencies with experiential game-based learning

The Investus workshop

What are the levels of knowledge and skill of your people? Which professional competencies do they need to improve upon? How do you test these competences in a motivational and engaging way?

Investus is an experiential learning workshop that uses the challenge of working under pressure to meet a client’s objectives as a way of developing communication, collaboration and leadership skills, the key to success for any business.

In this competitive and challenging workshop, teams take on the role of investment managers trading on a global equity market, developing and adapting strategies in response to business news, company information and market data. Businesses in all sectors will benefit from the experience.

Measuring performance

The Investus workshop is supported by a framework that will track and measure progress in the development of these competencies:

Achieving & delivering: results-focussed; commitment to quality

Personal effectiveness: planning, organising and flexibility; confidence and self-control; problem-solving and initiative

Working together: communicating with clarity; collaborating with others; influencing and relationship building

Investus sets task-specific objectives that allow for the demonstration of these key competencies. 

The team challenge

Investus centres on the use of the Finance Lab Pro simulation. Your team will take on the roles of investment managers working at Investus on behalf of a high net-worth client. In the first part of the workshop your team will manage a client’s fund in an equity market, making decisions in response tolivebusiness news, company information and market data. 

Teams collaborate on decision-making, deal with the consequences of investments and manage risk within their trading positions. They develop an investment plan and trading strategy that must be managed and adapted as they progress. 

Each member of the team has a specific role to fulfil: 

  • Team Leader: overall responsibility for team strategy and performance
  • Investment Analyst: plans and executes all investments in consultation with the team
  • Media Analyst: monitorsthe latest breaking news, assesses any sector or company developments that might have an impact on existing holdings
  • Account Manager: responsible for the team’s relationship with the client and ensuring that its strategy and performance is effectively communicated in the client presentation

Strategy & communication

In the second part of the workshop, each team is required to prepare a presentation for their client based on the performance of their fund and the strategy they deployed. In digital or poster form, they are presented to the group and will be judged by your trainers or by a team of senior managers.

See the workshop in action