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Questions and answers

  • How does the Taster licence work?
    We offer an introductory Taster licence for new customers. £50 buys 2 x 60 minute games, which have to be completed within one month. A maximum of 30 pupils can take part in any one game. A single-user practice game for testing and demoing is also included. The game settings can't be changed in the Taster version. Taster licences are only available to schools.
  • Why is the Trading Floor simulation no longer available to buy?
    Trading Floor has become obsolete, mainly because of the demise of Flash. Adobe ended support for Flash in December 2020. It is no longer compatible with major browsers and Microsoft will block it in most versions of Windows. As an alternative, our Dealing Room simulation would be suitable for KS3 pupils.
  • How is the resource licensed?
    The simulations are sold on a site-licence basis and unlimited use is permitted (except for PAYG licences) at the registered site i.e. school, college or business school. The product must be purchased by a teacher or lecturer. The resource can only be used by enrolled students and access must be on site from an IP address registered to that institution. For full details, see our Terms of Use at the bottom of this page.
  • Is there a limit to the number of students who can access the resource?
    There is no limit to the number of enrolled students who can use the resource during the licence term. A maximum of 60 students (30 teams) can use the simulation(s) at any time / in any one game/session. Additional players can be added to games but only as Media Analysts i.e. to create teams of three.
  • Is there a different licensing arrangement for universities?
    The university licence includes use of Finance Lab Professional, Finance Lab and Dealing Room. None can be purchased separately. Schools outreach events run on campus are included in the licence.
  • How do I buy the resource?
    You can purchase the resource online, by credit card, or pay by bank transfer or cheque upon receipt of an invoice.

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