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By his own definition a ‘tech wonk’, London-based Jethro Vezey has renowned for having played key creative roles in the development of numerous apps, streaming services and other associated technologies, many of which have gone on to enjoy global success. Having made a corporate name for himself in social media, communications and digital entertainment, and become wealthy in the process, he is busy building an investment portfolio across a diverse range of sectors. 


The CEO of his own communications technology organisation by the time he was thirty, Jethro Vezey brings the same creative energy and effort to his investment activities as he does to his day job. Devoting considerable time to his investment portfolio, he is drawn to sectors in the throes of change where constant innovation is the key to success. He believes in the innate value of outstanding products to deliver what he calls the ‘next new thing’, especially in his own field but also in areas such as automotive and luxury goods. 

He likes exceptional products for their own sake, but also for their often disproportionate upward effect upon stock values. In his investment activities, he says, he is always looking for what he calls ‘the moment of lift-off’. He is not put off by over-valued stocks, knowing from the experience of his own company just how high the momentum of a well-disposed market in the right circumstances can push shares.

Equally, he can ditch positions without warning when he feels a company’s fortunes may be on the wane; he is known to be impatient with companies whose market performance is not as dramatic as anticipated. Colleagues and commentators talk of his acumen and dynamism, and the sometimes brutal clarity of his investment decisions. Spectacular, rather than steady, is Vezey’s mantra.


A growth investor known for taking early and aggressive positions in companies behind creative product advances in Technology, Media, Leisure and Communications. Smart gadgetry in all its guises, including in the automotive and luxury goods sectors. Decidedly lukewarm on value investments and dismissive of the finance sector unless the letters ‘tech’ are prominent.

Inside the Investus workshop participants meet six new high net worth clients, one of whom they represent making investments on their behalf. Each client has had a profile that contains their personality traits, investment principles, business background and investing track record. Participants use this to formulate their strategy based on the presumed expectations of your client. 

Jethro Vasey

Jethro Vasey