The return of Trading Floor!


We are delighted to be able to offer the Trading Floor simulation to schools again.

This is a great opportunity for pupils to experience the world of the professional investor: buying and selling, researching news, making decisions under pressure, increasing the value of a fund, working together as a team.

It is perfect for younger pupils and year group enrichment activities.  This video of a Manchester University event demonstrates how engaging and challenging the experience is.

The simulation is now available as a Google Slides presentation. All you need is a Google/Gmail account to access it.  Please see the Plans & Pricing page for licence costs and options.

Trading Floor has been designed to be used as a skills development or cross-curricular activity. Working in teams, students buy and sell shares and foreign currency on a live trading floor, just like professional brokers do on trading floors and online.

In recreating the excitement of a real trading floor, the activity provides a platform for students to learn how to work together as a team, solve problems under pressure, analyse information and communicate effectively.

Each team has £15,000 to invest in a market comprising nine companies and the US dollar.  The aim of the game is to maximise the value of the team’s investments during five 25-minute virtual days of trading, Monday to Friday.

Share prices and the dollar’s exchange rate are determined by information in the daily newspaper, radio and TV news bulletins, and newsflashes.

There are four roles in the game, each with its own responsibilities and skills requirements.

  • Finance Manager: overall responsibility for managing the team’s finances.
  • Investment Analyst: tasked with managing the progress of the team’s fund.
  • Media Analyst: responsible for reading the newspaper and TV/radio news bulletins and informing the rest of the team how the information may affect prices.
  • Floor Trader: working between the team’s table and the Trading Area, doing the buying and selling.  Must work closely with the Investment Analyst to ensure the team is buying and selling at the right price and at the right time.

Trading Floor Trailer