A good product delivers a great partnership


After seeing the GIS team deliver a financial literacy event using Investus in PwC’s Google Lab in Belfast, Claire Shields, Head of Operate Capability & Development, knew she had seen the solution for a module in their Excell curriculum. Claire takes up the story: 

“I saw how genuinely engaged and interested participants were in the workshop process, how immersive the experience was and the tangible outcomes it produced. We talk about creating authentic, real-life learning and development tools all the time. There are too few good ones, but Investus is among them. This is now our third year using the product.” 

Investus is an experiential learning workshop that uses the challenge of working under pressure to meet a client’s investment objectives as a way of developing communication, collaboration and leadership skills, the key to success for any business. 

In this competitive and challenging workshop, teams take on the role of investment managers trading on a global equity market, developing and adapting strategies in response to business news, company information and market data. 

Claire Shields again: “Investus is a good product that delivers what it says. When we were looking for an agency to work with us to develop new simulations to meet our learning and development objectives, of course we went to GIS first. Their knowledge and expertise has made a vital contribution to the process of developing two new training products for learners across all grades of the organisation, right up to Director.” 

This successful collaboration between GIS and PwC came has now produced two exceptional learning simulations. The companies plan to work together on new projects in the future in both corporate learning and higher education.

Investus at PwC