Coventry University's Financial Trading Society


Coventry University has recently installed a brand new state-of-the-art 44 terminal trading floor, one of the biggest academic simulated trading floors in Europe.  This brand new facility has opened up opportunities for students to get involved and learn through a hands-on experience of trading activities.

The Financial Trading Society at the university has been making full and regular use of the trading floor and the Finance Lab simulation has proved invaluable.  

Finance Lab enables students to test their skills and knowledge in a simulated marketplace without the risk of losing money. This provides a key learning experience and hands-on knowledge which would otherwise be hard to come by.

The simulation allows for a whole range of custom settings and set-ups, including varying the difficulty level, which allows the society to adapt its trading simulations for its members.  The detailed game reports allow members to see their trades and portfolio value over the trading sessions, enabling them to self-evaluate and measure their progress against their peers.

The Financial Trading Society has been continually looking to provide a valuable and educational experience to all of its members and Finance Lab has proved to be very effective and popular with its current members.  

Financial Trading Society, Coventry Business School

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