Developing trading performance analysis skills


“I use Finance Lab Pro in my teaching at USW for both undergraduate and postgraduate students. It has some great features that make it an ideal trading simulator.

“Apart from helping students gain trading experiences, I use the simulation to help students develop their trading performance analysis skills and enhance their understanding of the impact of trading psychology on their trading performance, thanks to the provision of accessible trade data.

“Students have free access to their own trade data for each trading game they have played and they can use this data to calculate for trading performance measures such as rate of return, percentage of winning trades, average profit per winning trade, etc. Trading performance self-evaluation and critical reflection are important in achieving successful trading.

"These data analysis exercises enable students to discover patterns in their trading behaviour, diagnose their trading mistakes, and examine the impact of psychological factors on their trading behaviour.

“Trading performance self-evaluation can be challenging to students. However, it makes this difficult task more approachable by teaching them how their trade data can be used to gain insights of their trading behavioural characteristics.”


USW modules that involve using Finance Lab Pro

Theory and Practice of Securities Trading, 3rd year Accounting and Finance

Investment and Portfolio Analysis, MSc Finance and Investment.

Jia Cao, Lecturer in Finance & Course Leader BSc Banking, Finance and Investment, University of South Wales


Developing trading performance analysis skills

Finance Lab Pro

Finance Lab Pro