Global Investing at our international schools


There are over 4,000 international English-speaking secondary schools, many of which follow the British curriculum. 

Here’s how three of them are using Global Investor to support their students’ learning and enrichment: 

“Next month we have our International Educational conference and we’re hosting a full day workshop on technology in education.  Part of the day will address using games and simulations as learning experiences and we’ll be showcasing Finance Lab to teachers and managers from schools around Latin America use.” 

Robert Cooper Blanks, Head of Economics at St Paul’s School, Sao Paulo. 

“Last Friday saw the first of five challenge days for Year 7 as part of the new Prep Leadership Curriculum.  The entire year group competed using the Trading Floor game, with groups of students working in teams in their designated roles (pictured above). The energy and excitement of a real trading floor was definitely in evidence as groups tried to make the most profit throughout the day.

“Many new skills were used and developed throughout the day: studying and analysing media reports, financial planning and record keeping, budgeting and calculating risk. It was fantastic to see a challenge event in which every student was involved and learnt so much.” 

Jonathan Horsnell, Head of Prep, Harrow School, Bangkok 

“We’ve used Finance Lab this past year with Middle School students enrolled in a semester course named: Global Money Markets.  The students enjoyed seeing real-time changes when working with the simulations and they benefitted a lot from this hand-on world of work learning experience.” 

Gene Witt, Director of Technology, The American School in Japan, Tokyo 

If you’d like to link up with any of our international schools, let us know and we’ll put you in touch.  Or if you want to team up with a partner school of your own and run an inter-continental Global Investor competition, we’ll offer them a partner school discount on the licence to get them started. 

Don’t forget that Finance Lab and Dealing Room are available in Spanish too, so it doesn’t have to be in English.  Get your MFL colleagues involved and set up an inter-continental bilingual challenge.