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"Playing the Finance Lab simulation was enjoyable. From the opening of the first day everyone within my team was engaged and interested. Nobody was wishing they were somewhere else like most other assignments!

The layout of the game was easy to understand and we were able to adjust to it quickly and effectively.  As we had our own roles within the group, we quickly established a good rhythm. Information was supplied from the media analyst and an investment decision was then made based on that information. This communication developed our skills further in being able to relay information accurately.

The fact that we could see where our team was positioned in terms of profits brought out our competitive sides - and of course we wanted to finish first! This engaged us with the game further and the simulation trading days felt like they lasted a couple of minutes.

Finance Lab helped my understanding of how business news affects the market and also the effects of changes in the FTSE 100 figure. Overall I found this game highly stimulating and thoroughly enjoyed it."

Charlie Hetherington, 1st Year Accounting & Economics Student

"The assignment, within the Accounting and Finance Professional Module, was designed to use Finance Lab to enable the students to explore and improve their group working and interactions as a team whilst actually involved in the game.

Working with their trading performance data, students were required to present their portfolio valuations over the trading week in a poster form presented to the tutor team. The fact they had actually generated (rather than researched) this data ensured a high level of engagement."

Stephen Perrin, Lecturer, Hertfordshire Business School

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